Who are we?

We are Michelle and Zac, a husband and wife who never really grew up. To keep our minds occupied during lockdown in July 2020, we decided to learn how to make our own cold process soap and quickly fell in love with the process. By September, we had made so much soap that we could no longer feasibly use it all ourselves, so we got ourselves a tent and began sharing our creations with the world. We have only grown since then, and continue to find new inspirations, so there will always be something new on the table!

What kind of products do we sell?

While soap is our main passion, it is not all that we create. We have a fun variety of products to make your next bath fun and relaxing. Our bath bombs will add color and a soothing fizz to your bath water, and many even have prizes inside! Our sugar scrubs are great exfoliants and leave a silky smooth finish on your skin. For extra bubbles, try our bubbling salts, made with Epsom salts for relieving muscle pain and reducing stress.

Why Plant Based?

Many times we are asked, what is it that makes your soap plant based? The process of making soap (called saponification) involves a chemical reaction between a fat source and lye (sodium hydroxide). This fat source can come from a wide range of sources, and many commercial soaps use an animal fat such as beef tallow as their base. We prefer to use a base of plant based oils such as olive, castor, and coconut oils. We find them much gentler on your skin and better at retaining their moisturizing properties. In addition, they allow us more options to make the beautiful designs you see on each bar.

What do we love?

What exactly do we mean when we say "inspired by what we love"? Well primarily, we love a lot of nerdy stuff. You'll always find us with new items inspired by our favorite movies, TV shows, games, etc. We also love our hometown including the sports, foods, and traditions associated with it. But most importantly, we love anyone we have the privilege to share our art with, so if there's something you'd like to see, feel free to contact us!